This is how you do it...

Goin' to the Angels' Game: "Josh n Gigi Style"
1) arrive late:
bottom of the 2nd. less traffic, fewer lines.

2) wear maroons and grays
...just in case the guys in bright red don't do so hot...

3) walk in and go straight to your seats
it helps if your tickets are in the diamond club. no stairs, no crowds.

4) order from the waiter
beer brought to you is much tastier than beer you went and stood in line for... (TIP: don't order "non ballpark food" from a ballpark. stick strictly to nachos, hot dogs, and beer.)
5) watch the Laker game
access to a restaurant with a TV showing other (action-filled) games is a must!
6) leave early
sometime before the top of the seventh is a safe time to go. the goal is to make it out sometime before they make you stand up and sing...
don't get me wrong... the game wasn't AWFUL by any means. we had a good time for the few hours we were there. josh and i have been enthralled by the action found in the NBA playoffs lately, so we did feel a bit out of place watching such a slow-paced game. we got these ticket "spur of the moment", so i don't think we were really prepared for the relaxed nature of the evening. next time!

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Jim said...

Hmmm....remind me not to go to an Angels game with you. Unless, of course, you have those awesome kick ass seats - in that case, y'all can meet me there and we'll drive separately. :)