the future mrs. conners

in only ONE MONTH, one of my good friends, kym, will find her last name has changed...!! this girl gets to marry her perfect match, andrew in just a few short weeks. but before those festivities find their way into her life...it's PARTY TIME! this past weekend, kym and 6 of her close girlfriends made the 4-hour trek (well, 5 hours, really, when you consider we had 7 thirsty girls drinking too much water, soda, starbucks on the drive...) up to vegas for what most of us recall as a good time! ;-)
going to vegas with a group of girls is a great, but throw some matching outfits and one glowing bride in the mix, and you've got yourself a whole different experience! kym was adored the whole weekend, not only by her gal pals, but also by MOST EVERYONE that walked by!!! :-) but don't worry, we kept the whole weekend under control--well, minus those few moments during an unmentionable vegas show.
the festivities included an early morning stop at bagels and brew, the pool at the mirage, lunch in the shady pool restaurant, great gifts for the bride and bridesmaids, dinner at an amazing & classy burger joint, chip & someone... (okay, okay, chippenDALE...crap.), dancing to DJ AM at "rain", painful feet, more pooltime, more food, and more dancing. tryst and XS at the wynn and encore filled our saturday evening, but i'm sad to report i had to bail early that evening with the pregnant lady, as i'm starting to feel my age... tired & wanting to hit the sack by midnight, especially when thoughts of my feet falling off kept crossing my mind. here are some photos of the beautiful bride-to-be and her gals!

stay tuned for the upcoming wedding--6/6/09! so close, kym, so close!

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