25 random facts (...times 2)

if you're a dedicated "facebooker", you've probably already had a chance to see this. josh and i each filled out our "25 random facts about me" (the most recent facebook trend) and thought it may be fun to share here! literally, these are just 2 lists, one made by josh about himself, the other made by me about myself, with 25 random things you may or may not know about the two of us. maybe you'll see a list of "25 random facts about US" in a few days... it's not like josh and i have anything better to do in the next 18 days.

1. I once had a dream that I was went surfing and hung out with the characters from Saved By The Bell. No, Not The College Years. Why would you even think that it would be?
2. I have always wanted to dive in the shark cage with Great Whites. They fascinate me.
3. I would rather scuba dive than snorkel. When I snorkel, I feel like bait floating on top of the water waiting to be eaten. I’ll do it, but I much prefer to scuba dive.
4. The texture of sushi in my mouth makes me want to gag. I have tried a lot, and like the taste of most, but can’t get over the texture. I stick to rice bowls and beer; it’s pretty hard to go wrong there.
5. Given the opportunity to cook and eat at home or go out, I will choose to go out more often than not.
6. I always have music playing. Even if its just in my head.
7. I am extremely particular about iTunes. I get irritated if I don't have the album artwork, or if I am missing songs from an album.
8. I am way too logical for my own good.
9. Doing laundry might be the worst chore ever. It's never done!
10. When I was a kid I wouldn't eat Jell-O because it jiggled. Bill Cosby convinced me it was okay. Now I love Jell-O.
11. My girl, a pepperoni pizza, and a Laker game is about the best day I can have.
12. I used to know how much wood a woodchuck could chuck, but I forgot.
13. Everything I thought mattered most changed when I met my future wife.
14. Tom Waits explained it best when he said, "I like my town with a little drop of poison."
15. I try to learn something from everyone I come into contact with. Even if it's how not to do something.
16. I love to learn, but I dread being taught.
17. Getting a dog taught me more about relationships than I could have ever imagined. Providing 100% for someone was something I didn't understand until then.
18. When I was a kid, I was a ball boy at major tennis tournaments for a few years in a row.
19. I once shook James Worthy's hand. I've never felt so tiny in my whole life.
20. Going through some old boxes a year ago or so, I found a picture of me with Frank Sinatra. I don't remember it at all, but I am glad I have the picture!
21. I can pack a truck like nobody's business. No. I won't help you move.
22. I once drove from Irvine, CA to Visalia, CA in two hours.
23. I wish I knew how to ride a skateboard like they do in the X-Games.
24. I can suspend my fear of heights as soon as I put a pair of climbing shoes on.
25. I desire to know the people I love most more every day.

1. call me gigi and you'll get one personality out of me. call me angelica and you'll get another. scary, huh?
2. i find capital letters to be a waste of time. yet, punctuation still has a place in my heart!
3. i'd love to meet the person that crossed peanut butter and chocolate. i'd share a reece's cup with them.
4. i miss playing water polo more than i thought i would. it's refreshing to get back in the pool every so often and have it come back to me so quickly--almost like riding a bike.
5. i feel loved everyday.
6. i was once homesick for 3 months. i had a stomach ache those same 3 months. i never associated the two until this week, when that same stomach ache came around--a friendly nudge from my body telling me to ease up on the stress factor.
7. i officially love mustard. it took a conscious effort over a period of 3 months, but it paid off!
8. sugar always beats salt in my book. or...psalt, as some would put it.
9. i rarely like what the rest of the world considers a "good movie". what really gets me excited is a corny romantic comedy or a lame dramedy.
10. today i almost bought something off an infomertial. i dialed the number and everything, then hung up. "hip-hop abs" looked really fun, though!
11. if it comes in black and white, i like it in brown and cream.
12. i am an atrocious singer. i do it anyway, but not proudly.
13. i've mastered the art of interruption and talking over people. i'm willing to take lessons on losing that skill. i know it's bad.
14. i can't stand to see animals get hurt.
15. i have yet to find my passion in life. i think it has something to do with people and relationships, but either God hasn't revealed it to me, or i've been bad at seeing where He's pointed me to.
16. i watched a scary movie a few weeks ago and covered my eyes for a good 15 minutes of it. that trick still seems to work...
17. the only thing i think about these days is the moment i will see my fiance waiting for me at the end of the aisle.
18. my biggest fear is that i will get "taken away" one day. i blame my older brother and sister for planting this fear in my head. "don't do that, gigi, or someone's gonna come take you away." i still don't like to see white vans with no windows driving by. i don't think i'd have the heart to say no to candy, if offered, even at this age!
19. i liked high school more than college.
20. design and construction fascinate me more than i ever thought they would.
21. i have a "toss and turn routine" i go through every night as i'm falling asleep. if i'm not tired, it takes about 10-15 minutes to get through, but if i'm really tired, i can get through it in 2.
22. june is my favorite dog, and my favorite month. although, february will be a close second starting this year.
23. i can always tell who my real friends are. they are the ones that laugh at my dumb jokes, sometimes just because they know me and my kind of humor. they also know i'm not offended by pity-laughs, but rather cherish them just as much as real laughs. thank you guys.
24. i grew up with my parents telling me "no matter what...we'll always love you". i have yet to doubt that statement, and will raise my children with it. nmw...
25. i look forward to mornings. i think they'll get even better when i get to wake up next to the love of my life.

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